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Enhance Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Promote your holiday specials on the hottest engagement channel, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant voice platforms. Exclusively provided by VoiceXP!  

This Offer Ends October 10th, 2018 which is in...


We’ve designed the conversation to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and engage with over 70 million customers globally on the fastest growing channel - Voice! 

Marketing Objectives: Beef up your Omni-Channel presence with Voice Experience™ on ALL the hot platforms

The savviest marketers in retail know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday represent the MOST revenue generating days throughout the year. VoiceXP will help you:

  • Increase Holiday Sales, NOW! 
  • Build brand awareness immediately.
  • Capture market share of transactions.
  • Position retailer as the industry leader by integrating Voice Experience™ solutions.
  • VoiceXP will program your ads in to an Alex Skill or Google Action!

Growth Objectives: Catapult Your Brand Ahead of the Competition.

Who in your industry, market segment, or product category is using Voice Experience™ technology to grow their brand and increase sales?

  • Open up a new channel for new client engagement.
  • Demonstrate innovation with existing customers.
  • Reduce customer attrition.

Brand Communications at Scale: Customize Your Ad Inside of Smart Speakers That Your Customers Already Own

Never before have retailers been able to place customized messaging inside of Voice Experience™to order products. VoiceXP will help you:

  • Architect the dialogue with customers based upon natural language understanding.
  • Include strong call to actions with customers to buy, refer, or recommend products.
  • Receive real-time customer feedback from customers using their voice.
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Sales Conversions: How Your Presence on this Platform Helps You Outsell the Competition

Customers have shifted from buying in-stores to websites to mobile apps to now voice technology.

  • Promote product specials on Google Assistant and the Amazon Alexa Skills platform.
  • Link customer accounts and product specials for fast and easy ordering. 
Alexa Champion

Voice Design: VoiceXP, an Industry Leader, is a Preferred Partner with Amazon and Google

We are honored to have a seat at the table with Amazon and Google as their preferred partners. Our company is the only in the industry to have 2x official Amazon Alexa Champions our staff to develop world-class solutions for our customers. Some features we offer include:

  • Integrate your existing Wikipedia page as data source to program the technology.
  • Personalize the message with your own voice that replaces the robotic tone.

For as little as $12,000 on a single platform and no more than $20,000 on multiple platforms, VoiceXP is offering the ability to reach 25M+ devices. THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER! 

As a VoiceXP Customer for this Promotion, You Will Receive:

Watch the video to see the demo skill in action and how your promotion can be added into the platform.

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  • Custom Branded Promotion: Your brands presence on either Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa Voice Marketplaces, or both.
  • Presence on Black Friday Alexa Skill: No extra cost.
  • Voice Personalization: Voice messaging overrides the native voice of the conversational platform with customizable welcome & goodbye message.
  • Personalized Ads: 25 product placements per ad (image, text, video, audio). 
  • Visualization/Branding: The ability to incorporate images and videos that represent a brand into responses provided to invocations published within a skill.
  • One Shot Invocation Mode
  • Conversation Mode 
  • Security - Encryption
  • Gobal Availability SLA
  • Engagement Analytics & Rich Metrics

Accelerate Your Rate of Learning About Voice Experience™ With Our Resources

#1 Download Strategic Roadmap Infographic

It's easy to get caught in the weeds if you can't explain the big picture to everyone on your decision-making team. 

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#2 Watch Our Demo Videos

Our videos will knock your socks off as our sales, marketing, and technology team demonstrate the creative business applications of Voice Experience™ as it applies to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other Holiday specials.

#3 Download the 10 Steps to Developing Voice Experience™ Technology Infographic

There is a method to the madness to ensure we closely examine our customers' needs and are able to demonstrate ROI, which is covered together during the discovery call. Download this infographic to catch a quick view.

Once You Submit Your Information, You Will Receive ALL of Our Learning Resources and One of Our VoiceXP Ambassadors Will Call You

“The question brands and businesses need to be asking themselves is, ‘Do you want to be in the game when all those Amazon & Google boxes are opened on Christmas morning, or do you want to be playing catch up in January?'" - Bob Stolzberg, VoiceXP Chief Executive Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the Black Friday promotion run?

Our team will collect all assets needed within 48 hours of your subscription start date to provide your target clients with an unmatched Voice Experience™. We will launch your promotion(s) on the Voice Platforms of your choosing and will run your ads for the entire month of November. We will also, stop running the promotions on the dates you provide as end dates during the month of November.

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Will my IT department need to be involved?

There is no IT support required. VoiceXP designs the conversation, programs it, hosts, manages, continuously develops and deploys everything needed to run your holiday promotions securely and with global availability. Already a customer or ptner member? Then you already pre-qualify for a special offer. Simply reach out to our support team and they'll make sure you get access.

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Do I need to create any new content or messaging to participate?

No, simply send us your existing holiday promotion material or follow our best practice guide and VoiceXP takes care of the rest. #NoExtraWork

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Is this a one time investment or a recurring charge?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions are a one-time investment. However, VoiceXP does offer longer term packages at a discounted rate. We are happy to have one of our Voice Ambassadors contact you to discuss your requirements in detail.

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Can I make changes to my product in real time and/or how do I pull it down when we run out of stock? 

Yes you can make changes to the response information. To change it, simply open a support case and provide the new content and the VoiceXP team will make the changes.

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What are the important dates our team needs to know in order to make the process easy for everyone? 

  • October 1st: Subscribe 
  • October 13th: Provide all content and media assets 
  • October 17th: Review promotion(s) in development environment 
  • November 1st: Promotions Go-Live
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How do we make payment? 

VoiceXP accepts credit cards, checks, purchase orders or ACH. 

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What if I have more questions?

Our Voice Experience™Ambassadors are here to answer any of your questions. Feel free to call us at (844) 311- 0277, email us at sales@voicexp.com or fill out this form and someone from our organization will be in touch promptly.

Reminder: Black Friday & Cyber Monday will be here before you know it. Don't Wait! Black Friday Countdown: